Parassinikkadavu Temple

Parassinikadavu  TempleThe famous Muthappan (Siva) Temple (Parassinikadavu Madappura) is on the banks of the Valapatanam river.According to tradition, the main abode of Muthappan was Puralimala near Mattannur. The story goes that Muthappan appeared in the form of a child before one Padikutti Amma. The child had an insatiable appetite for liquor, fish and meat and became a nuisance to the family was therefore turned out from the house.

Armed with a bow and arrow Muthappan wandered from place to place and eventually reached Puralimala. At Kunnathurpadi, on his way to Puralimala, he climbed on to the top of a palmyra tree near the house of one Chandan and drank toddy.

Chandan who happened to arrive on the scene, is said to have been turned into a rock at the gaze of Muthappan. Here Muthappan completely disappeared from the scene and nothing more was heard of completely disappeared from the scene and nothing more was heard of him. It is believed that he came down to Parassinikadavu.

Parassinikadavu  TempleAccording to tradition, a member of the Vannan community at Parassinikadavu found a metallic arrow on the trunk of a Kangira tree and having felt something divine about the place, reported the matter to the senior member of an ancient Thiyya family in the neighbourhood. The latter, who felt the divine presence of Muthappan, immediately performed the necessary ceremonies and offered worship to him.
It is an accepted dictum here, that whatever is received by way of gifts or offerings should be spent for the benefits of the pilgrims. The daily offerings made to Muthappan are also different from what they are in other temples. It has been customary to offer toddy, fish and meat as ‘nivedyams’ to this deity. People of all castes and communities including

People of all castes and communities including members of the Muslim as well as Christian communities are known to donate sums of money as vazhipadu of Muthappam. The annual festival which falls on December 1st, provides a special occasion for pilgrims to throng the Parassinikadavu temple.

The temple is situated 20 kms, north of Kannur town.